The "Shape of Broken Identity" collection is an expression of inner emotions and external experiences through the metamorphosis of shedding past self and creating a novel identity in a foreign urban environment.
New York City's cultural diversity and cosmopolitan globalization represent both a welcome and a threat to newcomers. It is this push and pull dynamic which inspires and drives the collection forward.
The collection, MODYSSEY’s first, unifies elements of ethno- prints and the reinterpretation of traditional patterns with modern fashion. It seeks to accentuate   femininity through the use of classic, timeless forms yet imbued with hints of distinct ancestry and a constant underlying universal theme of independence, resilience and resolve.
MODYSSEY is unequivocally committed to the concept and actualization of the slow-fashion philosophy where ethical production, sustainable fabrics and garment quality are ceaselessly championed. A perpetual beacon to MODYSSEY's voyage is the phrase: “Every day is D-Day”. For MODYSSEY each and every day is one to commence a relevant life-changing event or experience.