*ORGANIC WOOL (WV) is a natural, renewable, biodegradable and durable fiber that has been produced without using chemicals, including commonly used veterinary medicines. Organic sheep are reared on organic feed and grazed on organic land, and are free to pursue their natural behavior with plenty of space outside and a truly free range life.

Organic Wool    Breathable    Biodegradable


*Recommended Care:
Hand or machine wash cold with similar colours, hang to dry, iron low temperature.


Capsule Collection II, 2022

Overall shorts with adjustable straps and side button closures paired with long sleeve shirt with draped details on the front and ruffle detail on the back.

Made of soft Organic Cotton fabrics.

Capsule Collection, 2022

Capsule Collection presents timeless pieces – no matter the occasion – they will always make you look like you have it together. Very feminine, powerful and elegant garments can be worn during the day or nighttime for different occasions made of rich fabrics like organic cotton and organic wool.

Mini overall dress with pleated details whether it's styled with shirt or cool collars will ensure you're bringing perfect chic yet contemporary outfit. Cropped Shirt and Shirt Dress in white color are effortless all-season pieces that make a perfect ‘Day to Night’ outfit. Men’s waistcoat transformed into a one-piece clothing essential for women can be worn in many different ways to complement an outfit; as an item of formal wear to a statement piece that can be worn as an add-on or on its own.

Shape of Broken Identity, 2021

The "Shape of Broken Identity" collection is an expression of inner emotions and external experiences through the metamorphosis of shedding past self and creating a novel identity in a foreign urban environment.

New York City's cultural diversity and cosmopolitan globalization represent both a welcome and a threat to newcomers. It is this push and pull dynamic which inspires and drives the collection forward.

​The collection, MODYSSEY’s first, unifies elements of ethno- prints and the reinterpretation of traditional patterns with modern fashion. It seeks to accentuate   femininity through the use of classic, timeless forms yet imbued with hints of distinct ancestry and a constant underlying universal theme of independence, resilience and resolve.​MODYSSEY is unequivocally committed to the concept and actualization of the slow-fashion philosophy where ethical production, sustainable fabrics and garment quality are ceaselessly championed.

A perpetual beacon to MODYSSEY's voyage is the phrase: “Every day is D-Day”. For MODYSSEY each and every day is one to commence a relevant life-changing event or experience.